Digital X-rays

Dental technology has come a long way in recent years and greatly improved the way in which patients are seen, diagnosed and treated. These technological advancements have made it much more efficient for dentists to do their work and have greatly improved the comfort of their patients. The most recent development in radiography is the use of digital X-rays. Here at Tilger Center for Dentistry we offer the most advanced dental technologies, including digital radiography or digital X-rays.

Digital radiography has made taking dental X-rays safer and more convenient, having all but replaced the old traditional radiation heavy x-rays of past. Digital radiography streamlines the process of taking and developing x-rays with simply two steps. First, a sensor is inserted into the patient’s mouth, which resembles a traditional x-ray film, but in this case of digital radiography it is electronic and connected to a computer. As soon as it is taken, the x-ray is projected onto a screen, almost instantly for your dentist to view.

Advantages of Digital X-Rays:

Less radiation– Digital X-rays emit between 80% and 90% less radiation than the traditional X-rays of past.

Shorter Appointments- Digital radiography has streamlined the process of x-ray imaging, developing the images almost instantly from the sensor, onto a computer screen for the dentist, specialists and patients to review. In turn, this greatly shortens dental appointments overall.

High Resolution Images- Not only are images developed faster than ever before but once on the screen can be viewed with a resolution higher than ever before. Not only this, but the images can be zoomed in on as necessary to view details, like never before.

Environmental Friendliness- Beyond being a better option for both patients and dentists, Digital radiography is also better for the environment as they are stored electronically and do not require the chemicals and film that traditional x-rays of past have required.

Quick Transference of Dental Records- Completely eliminating the need for physical copies, digital images can easily and quickly be e-mailed for dental specialist review, second opinions and dental record keeping.

Here at Tilger Center for Dentistry we know that digital radiography is the way of the future.