Why should I pull my tooth?

Our dentist will advise that a tooth should be pulled for several different reasons. Often the case is that some accident or trauma has damaged your tooth beyond repair. The damaged tooth will be removed and a replaced tooth will be put into its place for maximum comfort after the fact.
Small tooth decay may not seem to bother you in most cases but it can lead to much bigger problems. In most cases, removal of the tooth is the best option. In some cases, an infection can present itself, or it is only a matter of time before an infection occurs and can spread. Often, the first choice is a root canal but if that isn’t a reasonable option for you then a tooth extraction is the next step.
Crowding is a huge reason why it may be recommended that you have your tooth removed. The extraction will help the surrounding teeth with crowding and mainly pain.

The Process
With a wide variety of dental procedures, the first step with dental extraction is to numb the targeted area to ensure maximum comfort. Generally, this will happen with an anesthetic injection.
We strive to make our teeth last a lifetime, which means that it is firmly placed and rooted in your mouth properly. We must do a few vital steps in order to safely extract your tooth. Very vital to ensure the tooth is removed from the roots to ensure the placement of the new tooth is permanently secured in your mouth. Your tooth is attached to your ligament, It is crucial we remove it from the ligament. Our dentists tenure and knowledge helps you to get the most comfortable care because we use a wide variety of trusted techniques.

The cost of tooth extraction varies on the kind of tooth we will be extracting and how in depth the removal process is. If our dentists are simply removing a problematic baby tooth, the procedure generally won’t be as intensive as removing your permanent tooth. Remember that having a tooth pulled is often followed up with a dental implant procedure.