Meet our team

At Tilger Center for Dentistry, we pride ourselves on having an amazing and unique team. At the head of this dream team of dental practitioners and staff members is our main dentist Dr. Tilger and his daughter Dr. Lindsay. Dr. Tilger has been practicing in the Clear Lake Area for over 30 years and prides himself on helping his patients achieve the smile of their dreams, all while in a comfortable environment. Amongst his amazing staff members he maintains a great sense of community, with a team that is tightly knit and acts as a family unit. Dr. Tilger has an impressive array of awards when it comes to excellence in his field, but it is this commitment to truly caring about each patient individually that makes his office so special. Being a family man himself, with children of their own, he brings these strong values to his practice daily and loves helping families with their dental needs, from the little ones to their parents and grandparents.


Dr. Tilger is currently working his daughter Dr. Lindsay to continue there legacy of dentistry excellence in the Clear Lake area. Having graduated in May of 2016 with high honors, Lindsay is ready to take on patients with the same fervor as her father. Together, this family duo is truly a dentistry dream team as she brings the knowledge of modern dentistry, with all of its technological advancements and he brings an unparalleled amount of years of experience and expertise. To them, dentistry is not just a job, it is a lifestyle. Our amazing and friendly staff are the cherry on top. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our dream team of dentists. Let us help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

Our Staff



Viktoriya was born in Russia. She grew up in Ukraine, where she graduated from the University of Culture as a Librarian-Bibliographist. In 2001, she moved to the US where she changed her life and career. She graduated from the Dental Hygiene program at the Community College of Rhode Island. Viktoriya is always working on her continuing education, staying up to date with the newest dental products and technology so that she can work with the latest state of the art equipment. She is gentle, thorough and attentive to her patients’ needs. Viktoriya is happily married to her sweetheart husband, Rori. She loves to spend her free time traveling with her husband.


Josephine grew up in Seattle, Washington and graduate from Steilacoom High School in 2009.  Throughout high school she was an avid basketball and soccer player.  After graduation, she entered the United States Coast Guard on active duty for 2 years.  After leaving the military she began her career in the dental field as a Registered Dental Assistant.  Josephine is currently obtaining a Bachelors of Science and plans on becoming a dental hygienist.  She recently married the love of her life and is a mom to her 6 year old son, Peyton.


Brandy graduated from high school in 1998 and moved to Austin, Texas shortly afterward to attend a dental assisting program at Allied health Careers.  She has been a dental assistant ever since.  Brandy is married to the love of her life, Thom.  Together they have 6 children and 2 cats.  In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her family, playing board games, and watching movies.