Oral Surgery

At Tilger Center for Dentistry, we offer a variety of Oral Surgery operations and services. What is oral surgery? Oral surgery is a form of dentistry used to treat a wide spectrum of injuries, diseases and defects around the area the neck, head, face and/or jaw. The most common and popular procedure of oral surgery is the extraction of compact wisdom teeth, which is a service that we specialize in here at Tilger Center for Dentistry. Other popular operations include reconstructive oral surgeries and the placement of dental implants. For most of our more complex oral surgery services, we offer a variety of sedation dentistry to keep your mind at ease and to make the process as comfortable as possible. For a full list of the oral surgery options that we offer feel free to browse our website. We will help you to get the smile and oral health of your dreams with your absolute comfort in mind.

Bone Grafting -

At Tilger Center for Dentistry, we offer bone-grafting services. Bone grafting aka Bone augmentation is a broad term dentists use to describe a variety of procedures used to augment the jawbone so that dental implants can be placed successfully. This graft can either be your own bone or a processed bone.

Dental Implants -

We offer dental implants as part of our cosmetic dentistry services. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed directly into the patient’s jawbone, for the purpose of holding a replacement tooth or bridge.


3i Dental Implants -

At Tilger Center for Dentistry we offer 3i Dental Implants for our patients. 3i is a brand of highly rated dental implants. 3i implants are unique because of their cone shape and unparalleled bone-bonding properties. Because of this, areas of low bone density are no longer off limits for patients and dentists so you can get the implant placed without the need for grafting or poorly fitted dentures. Also, the bone bonding components of the 3i dental implant make the recovery time after initial placement, much quicker for the patient. 3i Dental implants are the way of the future, making implants a much easier and comfortable process for patients which here at Tilger Center for Dentistry we believe in. 


Mini Dental Implants -

As part of our implant services here at Tilger Center for Dentistry, we also offer the option of mini dental implants. Mini Dental Implants are like regular dental implants, only they are smaller and primarily used to support dentures. In certain cases they can also be used to support individual replacement teeth. Mini Dental Implants are small, with a specialized ball shaped end that protrudes out of the jawbone, upon which the dentures or replacement tooth can sit. 


Oral Pathology -

Oral pathology is the proper term for any and all diseases of the mouth, jaws and the related surrounding structures such as the jaw joints, facial muscles, salivary glands and gums. At Tilger Center for Dentistry it is our goal to prevent, diagnose and treat any oral pathologies our patients may be suffering from.